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Andrea Doucet discusses 3 lessons from MP Karina Gould’s parental leave that could help all Canadian families

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In the News — February 1, 2024

Is $10 daycare in trouble?

Martha Friendly discusses the growing pains confronting affordable daycare in this CBC Podcast.

In the News — January 29, 2024

Are people taking enough time away from work?

Karen Foster discusses workload, vacation time, and employee performance.

In the News — January 25, 2024

The effects of working multiple jobs on mental health and family life

Sylvia Fuller tells BC Today host Michelle Eliot about how the constant juggling of multiple jobs can lead to negative consequences.

In the News — January 15, 2024

Martha Friendly on the working conditions of ECEs

Martha Friendly is featured on CBC News to discuss the importance of better wages and working conditions to recruit and retain workers needed to expand the child-care system.

In the News — December 6, 2023

Canada’s use of child care increasing, but many parents still face issues

Susan Prentice is featured on Global News on the realities of child care in Canada

In the News — December 5, 2023

Gordon Cleveland and Susan Prentice on the shortage of child care spaces in Canada

A new report from Statistics Canada says child care was more affordable across the country in 2023, but parents are having a harder time finding it. Meanwhile, the proportion of parents who reported having difficulty finding available child care increased to 62 per cent in 2023 from 53 per cent in 2019.

In the News — September 23, 2023

Our team members comment on Canada’s 50 year fight for Child Care

Canada’s launch of a national child care system shows what it takes to improve child care across a country.

In the News — September 15, 2023

Susan Prentice on the shortage of child care spaces in Manitoba

Susan Prentice is featured on Global News to discuss the supply and demand on child care centres in Manitoba.

In the News — June 16, 2023

Andrea Doucet featured on CBC Radio

Andrea Doucet is interviewed by CBC for Ontario Today about the difference paternity leave makes.

In the News — May 18, 2023

Kenya Thompson on the accessibility of child care spaces in Nova Scotia

Kenya Thompson, doctoral student and RC/W research assistant discusses the urgent need for more licensed child care spaces in Nova Scotia, where 47% of young children live in a child care desert.

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