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Research with TAIBU highlights challenges faced by young Black mothers

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In the News — September 15, 2023

Susan Prentice on the shortage of child care spaces in Manitoba

Susan Prentice is featured on Global News to discuss the supply and demand on child care centres in Manitoba.

In the News — June 16, 2023

Andrea Doucet featured on CBC Radio

Andrea Doucet is interviewed by CBC for Ontario Today about the difference paternity leave makes.

In the News — May 18, 2023

Kenya Thompson on the accessibility of child care spaces in Nova Scotia

Kenya Thompson, doctoral student and RC/W research assistant discusses the urgent need for more licensed child care spaces in Nova Scotia, where 47% of young children live in a child care desert.

In the News — May 17, 2023

Martha Friendly & David Macdonald on Canada’s child care deserts

This report examines the availability of child care spaces by postal code across the country and finds child care deserts to be widespread: there were an estimated 759,000 full-time licensed spaces for younger children across Canada in centres and family child care homes in 2023. Of the 1.97 million younger children who might be using those spaces, 48 per cent live in child care deserts.

In the News — May 4, 2023

CRRU has released the 13th edition of the Early Childhood Education and Care in Canada report

This report is the Childcare Resource and Research Unit’s 13th compilation of cross-Canada, longitudinal data and information about regulated early learning and child care (ELCC), kindergarten and parental leave.

In the News — March 19, 2023

Sylvia Fuller on flexible work arrangements

Sylvia Fuller is interviewed by CBC on the importance of flexible work arrangements, especially for mothers.

In the News — March 13, 2023

Martha Friendly & Carolyn Ferns on why a shortage of workers threatens $10/day child care

Martha Friendly and Carolyn Ferns are interviewed by CBC on the shortage of workers threatening the $10/day national child care program.

In the News — November 18, 2022

Umay Kader featured on CTV News Vancouver on studying the effects of living with parents in your 30s

Umay Kader speaks with St. John Alexander about her research with young adults who still live with their parents, to help study the effects of living at home.

In the News — November 18, 2022

Umay Kader featured on CBC Radio Vancouver on examining the reality of adult children still living at home

Umay Kader speaks with Gloria Macarenko about her research — which is just about to get underway — and why she thinks it will be good to learn about this growing dynamic in Vancouver.

In the News — June 17, 2022

Sophie Mathieu featured on Spark/CBC Radio – From affordable childcare to school in the metaverse: What will childhood look like in 30 years?

Sophie Mathieu, a senior program director at Ottawa’s Vanier Institute for the Family, says it’s time we started treating daycare and early childhood education in the same way we treat elementary and secondary school: as a public responsibility where all children have equitable access.

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