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We are producing a wide range of knowledge outputs for academics, researchers, policy experts, community service providers,  and the general public. Here you will find books, journal articles and book chapters, selected presentations and panels, and reports. The RC/W has partially or fully funded these outputs.

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Teaching Family? Care/Work Policy in Selected Family Courses in Canada’s Research-Intensive Universities

Prentice, S., McKay, L., & McKellep, T. (2024)

Partager le congé parental pour endiguer les inégalités de genre

Mathieu, S., Ragued, S., & Dutil, M.-J. (2024)

3 lessons from MP Karina Gould’s parental leave that could help all Canadian families

Doucet, A. (2024)

Myopie et limites de la politique familiale québécois

Mathieu, S., & Croteau, C. V. (2023)

The limitations of Quebec’s family policy

Mathieu, S & Croteau, C. V. (2023)

Improved employment policies can encourage fathers to be more involved at home

de Laat, K., Gerhardt, A., & Doucet, A. (2023)

Special Issue: Time Use Studies, Time, Temporality, and Measuring Care

Guest Editor: Doucet, A. (2023)

More than employment policies? Parental leaves, flexible work and fathers’ participation in unpaid care work

de Laat, K., Doucet, A., & Gerhardt, A. (2023)

“I don’t have the energy”: Racial stress, young Black motherhood, and Canadian social policies

Goddard-Durant, S., Doucet, A., Tizaa, H., & Sieunarine, J. A. (2023)

What Care and Gender Equality Concepts Are We Using in Parental Leave Research? Translating Feminist Care Theories into Research Methods on Gender Divisions and Relations of Care/Work

Doucet, A. (2023)

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