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Nous produisons une vaste gamme de connaissances pour les universitaires, les chercheuses, les experts en politique, les fournisseurs de services communautaires et le grand public. Vous trouverez ici des ouvrages, des articles de revue, des chapitres de livre, des présentations et des discussions sélectionnées, et des rapports. Ces produits ont été entièrement ou partiellement financés par RS/T.

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Services de garde à l’enfance

La conciliation emploi-famille chez les mères et les pères québécois en temps de pandémie : constats et recommandations pour le Québec.

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Role of Child Care in Creating Inclusive Communities and Access for All

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Congés parentaux

Grappling with conceptual and methodological complexities in measuring parental leave designs and impacts. Research Handbook on Leave Policy.

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Canada Country Note. International review of leave policies and research 2022

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Reconceptualizing Parental Leave Benefits in COVID-19 Canada: From Employment Policy to Care and Social Protection Policy

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La conciliation emploi-famille chez les mères et les pères québécois en temps de pandémie: constats et recommandations pour le Québec , Enfances, familles, générations

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Projets transversaux

Familydemic Cross Country and Gender Dataset on Work and Family Outcomes during COVID-19 Pandemic. Scientific Data.

Kurowska, A., Barardehi, I., Fuller, S., Petts, R., Kaufman G., Doucet, A., et al. (sous presse)

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Innovation méthodologique

“Confront[ing] the Suspicion” and “Embodied Embedded”: New Materialism, Relational Ontologies, and Fathering Bodies. In U. Mellström & B. Pease (Eds.)., Posthumanism and the Man Question: Beyond Anthropocentric Masculinities (pp. 85-98). Routledge.

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Rearrangements to Childcare and School Functioning due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and their Impact on Employment Outcomes and Division of Labor between Mothers and Fathers in Different Cultural and Institutional Contexts. Work and Family Research Network 6th Biennial Conference 2022

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Expert witness, House of Commons Status of Women Committee.  25 February 2021

Kate Bezanson (2021)

Expert Witness, House of Commons Status of Women Committee. 10, December, 2020

Andrea Doucet (2021)


Post-pandémie: une meilleure conciliation emploi-famille sans baisse de salaire

Mathieu, S. & Tremblay, D.G. (2022)

Qualité des soins en services de garde : un enjeu négligé au Québec, Options politiques

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Cinq partis, cinq visions des services aux familles

Mathieu, S. (2022)

Le Québec doit continuer de miser sur les CPE

Mathieu, S. (2022)

Four ideas to make Quebec’s child-care system a model for all of Canada. June 6, 2022.

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What Should We Look for in Ontario’s Child Care Agreement? March 27, 2022.

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Plus d’argent pour plus de nouveaux parents . 16 mars, 2022.

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Parental leave needs an overhaul. Reform of the Canadian system should make it more inclusive, equitable and integrated with other benefit programs. February 9.

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No Good Reason for Ontario to Delay Signing Child-Care Agreement, Feb. 11.

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$10 a day Childcare Will Dramatically Reduce Employment Barriers for Parents

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We Must Eliminate Profit-making from Child Care and Elder Care. May 25, 2021.

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Redesign Parental Leave System to Enhance Gender Equality

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