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We are producing a wide range of knowledge outputs for academics, researchers, policy experts, community service providers,  and the general public. Here you will find books, journal articles and book chapters, selected presentations and panels, and reports. The RC/W has partially or fully funded these outputs.

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Policy Brief: Access to Parental Benefits in Canada

Mathieu, S (2023)

Grappling with conceptual and methodological complexities in measuring parental leave designs and impacts

Doucet, A. & Duvander, A-Z. (2022)

Canada Country Note

Doucet, A., Lero, D.S., McKay, L., Mathieu, S., Ragued, S., Thompson, K., & Tremblay, D.-G. (2022)

Socially Inclusive Parenting Leaves and Parental Benefit Entitlements: Rethinking Care and Work Binaries

Doucet, A. (2021)

Reconceptualizing Parental Leave Benefits in COVID-19 Canada: From Employment Policy to Care and Social Protection Policy

Doucet, A., Mathieu, S., and McKay, L (2020)

Parental Leave and Intra-Regime Differences in a Liberal Country: The Case of Four Canadian Provinces

Mathieu, S. McKay, L. and Doucet, A (2020)

Redesign Parental Leave System to Enhance Gender Equality

Doucet, A. Mathieu, S. and McKay, L. (2020)