Reimagining Care/Work Policies


We are producing a wide range of knowledge outputs for academics, researchers, policy experts, community service providers,  and the general public. Here you will find books, journal articles and book chapters, selected presentations and panels, and reports. The RC/W has partially or fully funded these outputs.

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From Stabilization to Stimulus and Beyond: A Roadmap to Social and Economic Recovery

Bezanson, K., A. Bevan, M. Lysack and K. Hammer (2021)

Non-Standard Work and Child Care in Canada: A Challenge for Parents, Policy Makers, and Child Care Provision

Lero, D. S., Prentice, S., Friendly, M., Richardson, B., & Fraser, L. (2021)

Risky business: Child care ownership in Canada past, present and future

Friendly, M., Vickerson, R., Mohamed, S. S., Rothman, L.& Nguyen, N. T. (2021)

Des changements au Régime québécois d’assurance parentale

Mathieu, S. (2021)

Sounding the alarm: COVID-19’s impact on Canada’s precarious child care sector

Macdonald, D., and Friendly, M. (2021)

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