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RC/W Postdoctoral Fellow lands Tenure Track Position

RC/W News

RC/W News — May 6, 2022

RC/W Postdoctoral Fellow making headway with Project Partner

Dr. Kimberly de Laat, Postdoctoral Fellow and the project’s first Mitacs Fellow, has been busy working with one of the project partners, The Vanier Institute of the Family. The Vanier Institute recently interviewed her about her research that focuses on diverse families, inequality and parental leave.

RC/W News — May 6, 2022

Martha Friendly interviewed on the $10-a-day Ontario daycare deal

“We’ve been waiting 50 years for this”: Childcare expert Martha Friendly on Ontario’s new $10-a-day daycare deal with the feds.

RC/W News — November 12, 2021

Martha Friendly wins prestigious award for research policy contributions

Martha Friendly, Founder and Executive Director of the Childcare Resource and Research Unit has won the prestigious Charles Taylor Prize for Excellence in Research Policy.

RC/W News — November 11, 2021

The Reimagining Care/Work Policies project welcomes four postdoctoral fellows

The Reimagining Care/Work Policies project is pleased to welcome our first four postdoctoral fellows: Sadie Goddard-Durant (PhD, University of Guelph), Janna Klostermann (PhD, Carleton University), Kim de Laat (PhD, University of Toronto) and Sophie Mathieu (PhD, Carleton University).


Media/Interviews — June 17, 2022

Sophie Mathieu featured on Spark/CBC Radio (2022) – From affordable childcare to school in the metaverse: What will childhood look like in 30 years?

In this episode co-hosts Sacha Leduc (AC Online) & Sarah Gauen (Inclusion & Diversity Specialist) have a thoughtful and personal conversation with three experts on the experiences and learnings from balancing working in the College system while raising children during a pandemic…

Media/Interviews — April 11, 2022

Kim de Laat (2021). “Productivity and Parenting in a Pandemic.” Interview with Sarah Gauen and Sacha Leduc for Algonquin College Inclusion Infusions podcast.

In this episode co-hosts Sacha Leduc (AC Online) & Sarah Gauen (Inclusion & Diversity Specialist) have a thoughtful and personal conversation with three experts on the experiences and learnings from balancing working in the College system while raising children during a pandemic…

Media/Interviews — November 7, 2021

Mathieu, Sophie. (2020). Interview with Philippe-Vincent Foisy on childcare during the pandemic at Les Matins d’ici, 14 août.

Media/Interviews — May 25, 2021

Mathieu, Sophie. (2021). Expert interview with Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay for Concilivi on work-family reconciliation during the pandemic in Québec

Concilivi a eu le plaisir de s’entretenir avec deux de ses collaboratrices : Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay et Sophie Mathieu. Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay est professeure en gestion des ressources humaines à l’Université TÉLUQ.

Media/Interviews — April 28, 2021

Mathieu, Sophie. (2021). Podcast with Gordon Cleveland on “The future of child care in Canada: What to expect?”, Institute for Research on Public Policy

On April 19, 2021, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland presented the first federal budget in two years. Among the many new and updated policies, one stood out especially – the promise of affordable universal childcare for all Canadians.

Media/Interviews — April 16, 2021

Mathieu, Sophie. (2021). Interview with Gérald Fillion on the implementation of universal childcare in Canada, Zone économie

Media/Interviews — November 1, 2020

Fuller, Sylvia. (2020). Mothers’ employment in the Covid-19 pandemic. CBC Radio, Maritime Noon.

Maritime Noon is a one-hour program devoted to delivering informative reports and interviews which explore issues that are of interest to Maritimers. Join host Bob Murphy weekdays from noon to 1 p.m.

Media/Interviews — September 14, 2020

TVO, Kate Bezanson and Carolyn Ferns (from partner organization OCBCC) Reigniting the Economy through Childcare

Childcare in Ontario is the most expensive in Canada. The system has been broken for a long time, according to experts, and the pandemic has only exacerbated th…

Featured in the News

In the News — May 9, 2021

Sophie Mathieu featured in an article by Suzanne Colpron (2021). Ça ne sera pas une belle fête des mères

Des milliers de femmes qui ont accouché depuis le début de la pandémie sont victimes d’un cruel jeu de loterie bureaucratique. Selon la date de leur demande au Régime québécois d’assurance parentale (RQAP), leurs prestations peuvent passer du simple au double

In the News — November 21, 2020

Kate Bezanson, Andrea Doucet, Sophie Mathieu were featured in Rosa Saba (2020).  “The pandemic exposed huge gaps in EI — turns out the parental leave system has many of the same problems

The year 2020 is proof the best laid plans can go wrong. Just ask Shantae Cunningham.

In the News — October 30, 2020

Sophie Mathieu was interviewed for an article by Marie Eve Morasse (2020). “ On est fatiguées, mais on ne pense pas à nous

Des travailleuses des services de garde des écoles de la province digèrent mal les trois journées pédagogiques supplémentaires accordées aux enseignantes par Québec.

In the News — August 18, 2020

Sylvia Fuller and Yue Qian were featured in an article by Sabrina Maddeaux. (2020).There’s no economic recovery without working moms

It was always absurd. Even pre-pandemic, the cultural myth that working moms can “have it all” was in the midst of a brutal reality check. Fed up with the impossible task of excelling at parenthood, nurturing relationships and friendships, growing careers, and keeping up with household chores (“me” time, what’s that?!), moms began to reject the status quo

In the News — August 15, 2020

Sophie Mathieu featured in an article by Jean-Thomas Léveillé (2020). Services de garde en milieu scolaire : Est-ce que les bulles vont éclater?

Les services de garde constituent une faille dans le plan de Québec pour la rentrée scolaire, préviennent différents observateurs.

In the News — July 8, 2020

The research of Sylvia Fuller and Yue Qian was highlighted in: COVID-19 has fostered ‘perfect storm pushing women out of their jobs’: UBC Study co-author.

When Deb Perlman wrote in a New York Times oped last week that “In the COVID-19 economy, you’re allowed only a kid or a job,” she didn’t specify that mothers have been particularly hard hit by the catastrophe.