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Andrea Doucet discusses 3 lessons from MP Karina Gould’s parental leave that could help all Canadian families

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RC/W News — March 22, 2024

Laura Fisher publishes first-author paper!

Laura Fisher, RC/W Research Assistant and Doctoral Student at Dalhousie University, has published her first first-author paper in the Journal of Rural and Community Development.

RC/W News — December 12, 2023

Kim de Laat on fathers and parental leave

A new report released by Kim de Laat, Andrea Doucet, and Alyssa Gerhardt has shown how Canadian paternal leave policies discourage fathers from taking time off from work to care for children. The problem can be solved with flexible work arrangements implemented by employers but managerial bias stands in the way.

RC/W News — December 12, 2023

Kim de Laat, Alyssa Gerhardt and Andrea Doucet discuss employment policies and fathers’ involvement at home

Our research finds that Canadian fathers who worked remotely during the pandemic reported higher levels of involvement in household work and child care. Remote work and other flexible work policies may play a crucial role in encouraging a more equitable distribution of household and care work within families.

RC/W News — December 11, 2023

National Child Care Advocacy Assembly

On Saturday November 18 and Sunday November 19, Child Care Now hosted the National Child Care Advocacy Assembly in Ottawa, ON. The first national meeting since 2014, this event brought together childcare advocates from across the country—both in person and online—to assess the progress of the Canada-wide system of early learning and child care, and discuss next steps to support an inclusive, accessible, affordable, and high quality system. 

RC/W News — October 13, 2023

On November 9, 2023, Sophie Mathieu published her first book, “Égalité, fécondité et maternité: le soutien aux familles au Québec” with Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal

RC/W News — August 29, 2023

Research with TAIBU highlights challenges faced by young Black mothers

A collaborative research project with TAIBU Community Health Centre is amplifying the voices of young Black mothers in Canada and recommending changes to provide them better support.

RC/W News — June 26, 2023

RC/W Newsletter 3

June 2023

RC/W News — June 13, 2023

Andrea Doucet participated as a panelist in the Oxfam Report Launch Event

On June 13th at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, ON, Andrea participated in a panel discussion with Lauren Ravon (Oxfam Canada) and Bilan Arte (Canadian Labour Congress) in the Oxfam Report Launch Event. The report is based on Oxfam’s Care Policy Scorecard and focuses on actions at the federal level. The event was attended by researchers, advocates, and Karina Gould, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development and included a discussion on what’s needed and missing from Canada’s policies around care.

RC/W News — March 23, 2023

Sophie Mathieu shares three takeaways from the Quebec childcare model

In this blog, Sophie reflects on lessons from Quebec’s childcare system for other provinces and territories in Canada.

RC/W News — December 20, 2022

RC/W Newsletter 2

December 2022

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