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We are producing a wide range of knowledge outputs for academics, researchers, policy experts, community service providers,  and the general public. Here you will find books, journal articles and book chapters, selected presentations and panels, and reports. The RC/W has partially or fully funded these outputs.

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Families in Nova Scotia Urgently Need Expansion of Licensed Child Care

Thompson, K. (2023)

Not done yet: $10-a-day child care requires addressing Canada’s child care deserts

Macdonald, D. & Friendly, M. (2023)

How to create early childhood spaces: Lessons from Quebec

Mathieu, S. (2023)

Early childhood education and care in Canada 2021

Beach, J., Friendly, M., Nguyen, N.T., Borges Nogueira, P., Taylor, M., Mohamed, S., Rothman, l. & Forer, B. (2023)

Game changer: Child care fees in Canada

Macdonald, D., and Friendly, M. (2022)

One year later: Follow up results from a survey on COVID-19 and child care in Canada

Vickerson, R., Friendly, M., Forer, B., Mohamed, S. & Nguyen, N. T. (2022)

La conciliation emploi-famille chez les mères et les pères québécois en temps de pandémie : constats et recommandations pour le Québec

Mathieu, S., & Tremblay, D.G. (2022)

COVID and Beyond: Reconfiguring Early Childhood Education in Canada for the 21st Century

Pacini-Ketchabaw, V. & Prentice, S. (2021)

Critiquing Ontario’s Childcare Policy Responses to the Inextricably Connected Needs of Mothers, Children and Early Childhood Educators, Journal of Childhood Studies, 46(3), 3-15.

Richardson, B., Powell, A., & Langford, R. (2021)

Pandemic Effects: Ableism, Exclusion, and Procedural Bias. Journal of Childhood Studies, 46(3), 16-29

Underwood, K., van Rhijn, T., Balter, A.S., Feltham, L., Douglas, P., Parekh, G, & Lawrence, B. (2021)

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