Reimagining Care/Work Policies

Since 1997, Québec’s social policy regime—especially it’s affordable childcare program—has supported families. With Canada’s new childcare plan now in development, many within government are citing Québec’s childcare network as a successful model to follow—however, it is not without challenges.

Dr. Sophie Mathieu, Senior Program Specialist at the Vanier Institute of the Family and Co-Investigator in the Reimagining Care/Work Policies research program, explains in this video how Québec’s childcare network works, what it gets right, and what should be improved upon as Canada develops is national childcare program.

The supply has never been able to meet the demand. Although we have a high proportion of children within childcare centres, parents are still struggling to find a childcare space.

– Dr. Sophie Mathieu

This video was created by team members working on the Reimagining Care/Work Policies project, funded by a SSHRC Partnership Grant (PI Andrea Doucet), to support teaching and learning on Canadian family policy. 

Please cite as: Mathieu, S., Sasso, M., McKay, L., & Thompson, K. (2022) Childcare in Québec, Featuring Dr. Sophie Mathieu [Video]. Reimagining Care/Work Policies. 

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